A unisex clothing brand styling in a unique Afrocentric design that cut across the world making a signature with all our designs.

About Us

Lanre Aro Signature is a unisex clothing brand, we style in a unique Afrocentric design that cut across the world making a signature with all our designs.

Our design aesthetic is inspired by the significance of culture and heritage using African prints mixed with contemporary fabrics to project the richness of the African Culture where fashion is as deep and colorful as the continent itself to create attractive, modern, beautifully made stylish outfits that cut across western aesthetics with a unique African appeal.


Lanre Aro Signature is the place for a shopper who is looking for quality, reasonable prices and modern convenience.
Our focus is combination of African and Western wears to create Afrocentric designs.


Our passion is to satisfy our diverse customer’s needs through the top-notch craft of our highly skilled team, quality fabrics, and accessories to deliver unique designs tailored to suit your style and compliment your beauty.


Meet the Team


Creative Fashion Designer

Founder and creative fashion designer of “Lanre Aro Signature; an Afro-centric fashion brand based in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates.

Lanre adopts the element and principle of design simplicity. He innovates inspired by the vibrant colors of African textile, which offers a unique ability to convey the uniqueness of the African culture.

A graduate of fashion, His idea of combining colors and prints was his first step in creating unique design and collections in general.

His understanding of the significance of culture and heritage has helped in infusing contemporary fabric mixed with African print to tell stories about African people, culture, and heritage, building a brand that is transferable across cultures and generations.


Let's make you upcoming clothing-related project memorable and worthwhile. No matter the type of custom work you need, or the size of your "pocket" (budjet), we are ready to work with you.